Welcome back!

I had a little bit of a break in writing there, so my apologies.  Just remember I run this website outside of my other responsibilities, and with the holidays just passing things got a little extra busy.

It’s all good, I’m back today with some more great information for you!

In my last post I spoke about costume jewelry, and really just going through the basics of what costume jewelry really is.  You’d be amazed at the answers you get when you ask people that question.

If you have’t read that post, do that now: Click here to read

Today we want to start talking about how to pair different combinations of jewelry.. mostly costumer type jewelry.  This can really work for most jewelry, but I’m going to keep the information about what will work best in the costume arena.

Pairing Costume Jewelry For Yourself

I remember back when I was in high school making all my own stuff, it just came naturally to me what to wear with what.  I thought everyone knew, haha.  Once the word got out, I was a wanted girl in my high school.

I remember prom season… I literally had dozens of girls from school stopping by so I can show them how to pair their jewelry, which also ended up with them buying new stuff from me.  About 20 of us piled into a promo limo to take us to the big event, and when the door of the limousine opened up you could just see the sparkling!

After prom I became the talk of all the girls in high school.  I guess I made them all look great on their big night!  I believe a lot of that had to do with the pairing of the jewelry, and not so much what the jewelry was.

I see a lot of people through my days that have beautiful jewelry, some very expensive.. but because of the other stuff they’re either wearing, or not wearing with it, it doesn’t look that great.

Pairing goes a long way.  It’s the same thing as wearing a great outfit, but your shoes are off… not so great of an outfit anymore!  Keep the same mindset when you’re pairing your jewelry together.

Don’t Over Think Pairing

pairing jewelryI think a lot of people, including myself, are guilty of this one.  I know it’s important to you to look good, and that’s why you’re worries.  It takes a little practice to get the right combinations that you like and feel good in.  So you might have to go through a bit of discomfort because you’ll be wearing things together that you didn’t think went together before.

Another big piece of advice before we get going… DO NOT ask or receive advice from anyone else… right now.  Make this about you.  Go with your gut, your instinct.  That’s usually right on target when you get your head out to the way.

The only reason, well mostly the only reason, you’re even asking someone else’s opinion is you are second guessing yourself.  You don’t feel strong enough about your decision so you need someone else to agree with you.

You can do this girl!  Step outside of that comfort zone… it’s where true beauty is!

Are you with me on that?  Do you commit to not taking anyone else’s opinions into consideration while we get you off the ground?  Once you’re more sure of certain things and you got a little bit of a flow going, then you can ask others.. or take suggestions.

Sorry we ran a little long on this post, but I think those ground rules are important before we get started.  I’ve seen way to many people listening to other people.. and the suggestion isn’t even a good one!  So hold your ground, believe in yourself and let’s make you beautiful!

On the next post we’re going to go into the basics of pairing.  You’ll have enough after that post to start playing around with your collection.  For now, check out this great video about pairing and I’ll be back with you soon!