Thanks for joining me on

I’m excited to be sharing my information with you.  It’s my hope that you get a lot of value from reading my website.  I’ll be sharing my thoughts about different jewelry that I like, and hopefully it can help you in your life.

If you read my story, I’ve always been into jewelry.  My mom would always say that I’m a jewel boiler.  She told me that it meant that I was someone who just knew what pieces of jewelry go together.

So that’s where I came up with the name of my website, to remind me of my mother who has recently passed.  She was a big part of my life and I put this website together with a little bit of moms energy.

If you’re always looking for jewelry tips or things you can do to freshen up an outfit, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ll be giving suggestions, as well as writing some articles about all things jewelry.  I’ll be sharing my thoughts.

I hope one day very soon I’ll be adding “my store” section to this website.  I’m going to get back into creating my own pieces again, and selling them from this website.  That’s really my end goal with all of this.

I feel that if I can build an audience around jewelry, then in the very near future I’ll have beautiful pieces to offer to them.  The thing most people loved about my jewelry, outside of the stunning look, was the price.

I never believed in charging a lot of money.  I liked making it affordable so that anyone that wanted to wear it could afford it.  Maybe it’s because I started out selling my custom jewelry in my teenage years, and my first customers were my teenage friends.

We didn’t havecustomjewelry much of a budget so I had to make it affordable.  I do value my work, but I enjoy everyone who wants to get to experience having a nice piece of jewelry being able to do that.

That’s to come very soon.  I’ve been slowly making new pieces so I have a little bit of an inventory of samples to put up on the website.  I would say by the spring of 2016 I should be ready to start selling my jewelry.

So keep an eye out for that.  Until then.. enjoy reading my content here!