I’m back with another article sharing my thoughts about jewelry.  Hopefully you had a chance to read my welcome post which kind of introduces you to the concept behind my website.

I’m excited to write these articles and share this information with you.  Up until this point it  was always direct contact that I had with the people I would share information with.  Now sharing it with the world wide web is pretty exciting because I never know who’s going to stumble across my information.

So today’s post I wanted to start off by talking about costume jewelry.  It’s funny what people think of when they hear the term costume jewelry.  It’s not jewelry that goes along with a dress up costume, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Most of the time that answer would come from men, who are no always familiar with jewelry.  Maybe I shouldn’t make such a broad statement like that.  I’m always attending networking events, and I have met a lot of guys that are pretty well educated in the arena of jewelry.