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Pairing Jewelry… Costume Jewelry

Welcome back!

I had a little bit of a break in writing there, so my apologies.  Just remember I run this website outside of my other responsibilities, and with the holidays just passing things got a little extra busy.

It’s all good, I’m back today with some more great information for you!

In my last post I spoke about costume jewelry, and really just going through the basics of what costume jewelry really is.  You’d be amazed at the answers you get when you ask people that question.

If you have’t read that post, do that now: Click here to read

Today we want to start talking about how to pair different combinations of jewelry.. mostly costumer type jewelry.  This can really work for most jewelry, but I’m going to keep the information about what will work best in the costume arena.

Pairing Costume Jewelry For Yourself

I remember back when I was in high school making all my own stuff, it just came naturally to me what to wear with what.  I thought everyone knew, haha.  Once the word got out, I was a wanted girl in my high school.

I remember prom season… I literally had dozens of girls from school stopping by so I can show them how to pair their jewelry, which also ended up with them buying new stuff from me.  About 20 of us piled into a promo limo to take us to the big event, and when the door of the limousine opened up you could just see the sparkling!


Costume Jewelry Information

I’m back with another article sharing my thoughts about jewelry.  Hopefully you had a chance to read my welcome post which kind of introduces you to the concept behind my website.

I’m excited to write these articles and share this information with you.  Up until this point it  was always direct contact that I had with the people I would share information with.  Now sharing it with the world wide web is pretty exciting because I never know who’s going to stumble across my information.

So today’s post I wanted to start off by talking about costume jewelry.  It’s funny what people think of when they hear the term costume jewelry.  It’s not jewelry that goes along with a dress up costume, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Most of the time that answer would come from men, who are no always familiar with jewelry.  Maybe I shouldn’t make such a broad statement like that.  I’m always attending networking events, and I have met a lot of guys that are pretty well educated in the arena of jewelry.